Liverpool Local Launches Loyalty Card

Liverpool Local Terry Daine has launched his own loyalty platform after growing tired of seeing local businesses struggling to compete with bigger chains.

Born and raised in Liverpool, Terry is passionate about supporting our local independent businesses, saving Liverpool residents money, and generally playing his part to make Merseyside a more prosperous place.

“The Liverpool Loyalty Card is a great way to keeping our money circulating within the local economy, to support our local business community and avoid too much disappearing oversees to global mega-corporations.”

The Liverpool Loyalty Card is set to launch this month, and will be completely free for businesses to list on the app. So far almost 100 businesses have come onboard, offering the 10% Loyalty Card discount. Explaining more about how the loyalty programme will work, Terry said:

“At the minute, we are essentially a local marketplace app and discount membership. Via our marketplace, we send our Partner Businesses new local customers – in the form of our members – for free. In return for those free customers, our Partner Businesses offer our members a flat 10% discount. In return for that discount, our members pay the platform a small monthly subscription.”

Terry has an ambitious growth plan for the business and hopes to one day compete with household names.

“Eventually, we want to offer in-app ordering and real-time delivery services, just like the big delivery apps. As a fledgling tech startup born out of humble beginnings in Liverpool, we’d love to one day deliver such services, but without the need or desire to charge our partner restaurants 30% in commission fees on every order.”

And the local community have been keen to support Terry on his journey with over 1,000 members on the waiting list and a community Facebook group of more than 9,000 local residents.

“It’s very early days for us, but local residents seem keen to get involved and love the idea of shopping local and supporting independent businesses, while businesses love the idea of taking the power out of the hands of the global monopoly apps and getting customers from their local community for free.”

You can discover more about the scheme and join as a member HERE.


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