Four Favourite Finds at London’s Restaurant & Takeaway Expo

We attended the Restaurant & Takeaway Expo at London’s Excel this week. Here’s our four favourite finds from the show…


Billy Chip

Possibly our favourite exhibitor this year, the BillyChip was created in memory of Billy Abernethy-Hope, a 20-year-old ambulance driver who died in 2018. The Billy Chip aims to encourage generosity among those who don’t carry cash or those reluctant to give money to people experiencing homelessness.

Customers can purchase BillyChips from their favorite high street outlets like coffee shops, fast food restaurants and convenience stores. They keep the chip in their bag, pocket or wallet for the next time they see someone sleeping rough, and it can be redeemed in high street venues including Greggs and Co-op Stores.

The BillyChip is currently sold in shops around Bristol, Bath, and London but we’re personally hoping to see them in Liverpool very soon!



Remember a few months ago when we told you to expect new legislation around tipping? Well, it’s coming, and your business will need to be prepared.

We had a chat with the team at Grtfl who believe that giving and receiving tips should be easy and straightforward for everyone. They’ve even created different features for the business, staff, and customers to make the process simple and efficient. Grtfl streamlines the entire tipping process for your customer, saving your business time and money whilst also giving your team complete visibility over how much they earn outside their usual pay. It’s a fair way to distribute tips, and transparent in making sure everyone receives their fair share.


Hong Kong Milk Tea

This isn’t a producer show, and with the exception of a few coffee and wine suppliers it’s rare to see food trends cropping up. But this year we did notice one product hitting several stands and creating a real buzz… Hong Kong Milk Tea.

Hong Kong milk tea has a smooth, creamy texture and is made by simmering tea with sweetened condensed milk. It is also known as ‘pantyhose tea’ because it is often brewed in a large tea sock that resembles a silk stocking.

We sampled tea from Trini – a lockdown business named after the founder’s daughter who are now producing a RTD bottled version of their own Hong Kong Milk Tea for retailers across London.



Remember after the 2022 NRB Show when we told you that the robots were coming… Well, it’s safe to say they’re here, and they’re not going anywhere. In fact this year they were everywhere. From cleaning the floors to delivering coffee and even making sandwiches, it really did feel like the robots were taking over. I was particularly impressed by the one who stopped and rolled it’s ‘eyes’ at me when I stood in the way of its cleaning path – just like a real team member!

Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay, but at the moment they present an opportunity for venues to show why it’s our people who make hospitality a truly great industry.

Billy Chip
Trini Tea

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