Liverpool Food Network Packages


Need a little help? Our consultancy packages are just what you need!

£450 / PACK


Build your following

  • A “Do It Yourself” Social Media Kit which will empower you to take control of your own social media.
  • A 2 hour meeting to understand your business, your customers and your goals for social media marketing.
  • A bespoke content plan detailing how to share your content across various platforms, including key words and phrases relative to your business and 10 sample posts (including copy) using your own images.
  • A further 2 hour meeting to train you & your team on basic graphic design tools, scheduling and creation of content.
FROM £200


Spread the word

  • Let us help you to arrange your own event to promote your business to the local community!
  • We’ll arrange an event with local bloggers and business influencers, and invite them on your behalf.
  • We’ll prepare your invitations and a brief to ensure that you get the best possible results from your event.
  • We’ll follow up with the attendees to get their feedback and advise you on your next steps to maintain momentum.



FROM £250


Find your voice

  • Whether it’s online or in person, how you speak to your customers matters.
  • We’ll work together to capture the tone of voice that makes your business unique and produce great copy your customers will love.
  • We’ll find the right words to create text for your website, captions for your social media posts or relevant blogs.
  • We’ll also review your existing communication and give you some pointers on where it could be improved.



FROM £500


Naming your business

  • Naming your business is like naming your child… It has to be special, it has to have meaning, you have to love it… and it’s easier if someone else does it for you!
  • Let me help you research and create the perfect name for your business, and help you tell the story behind it.
  • I’ll research available website domains, social handles and trademarks to ensure your business name is truly unique.
  • I’ll work alongside a trusted graphic designer to create your business logos and icons ready for use

FROM £75 / HR


Mentoring with accountability

  • We’ll work together to develop a holistic strategy to launch or grow your business.
  • We’ll build a roadmap of actions, and make sure you’re on track with regular meetings.
  • Side by side, we’ll work through tasks like building your business plan, identifying your target customers and telling your story.
  • We’ll review your plans and progress during our 1 hour meeting every fortnight.
  • And I’ll ask you the tough questions you need to answer.



FROM £500


Document your process

  • A ‘deep-dive’ review of your existing business, produce a report identifying the gaps you need to fill in order to launch or grow.
  • I’ll work alongside your business to produce the documents and manuals you need to run your business effectively.
  • We’ll connect every 2 weeks to review progress.
  • I’ll connect you to the people you need to know to build your business successfully.
  • I’ll help you to build your presence online and within your own network, including a review of your social media and potential networking partners.


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