Welcome to
Liverpool Food Network

Hi, I’m Louise. I’m incredibly passionate about our local F&B scene and believe that Liverpool has the potential to produce iconic national brands in years to come.

After spending a decade travelling the world working for some of the biggest brands in the industry, I started Liverpool Food Network in 2018 because I wanted to open doors for new food businesses in my own city. I had fallen in love with our independents and the amazing people behind them, but I realised that many were struggling to make the right connections or paying over the odds for services.

Whether it was gaining access to potential customers, finding the right packaging, contacting a photographer or even choosing the best real estate location, I wanted to create a space where local businesses could make new contacts, share their experience and develop their own skillsets to drive their businesses forward.

Why should you join?

It’s hard to know who to ask when you need some help… As a member of Liverpool Food Network you can access professional advice, discounted packages and special offers from some of the best consultants, advisors and service providers in the North West.

I started Liverpool Food Network because I wanted to help open doors for new food businesses that were struggling to make the right connections within the city by offering a friendly platform for those seeking help or advice. Having access to a network of peers, professional advisors, suppliers and consultants can give you the confidence and reassurance you need to grow your business.

Connecting with independent food business owners on the same journey as you allows you to swap ideas, share experiences and avoid the common mistakes that businesses make when starting out. Membership also gives you the opportunity to meet people you can collaborate with for mutual benefit as you work to grow your brand.


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